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Emergency Plumber
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Burst Pipe? Broken Boiler? Act Now! Your 24h Emergency Plumber is Just a Call Away!

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If you have a Plumbing or Heating Emergency, Call Us Immediately. We will arrive withing 30 minutes.

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Emergency Plumber Near Me

We can assist you with any problem you may have.

Here are some of our most common emergency plumbing and heating issues that we fix:

Emergency Plumber Near Me

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Unexpected Leak? Overflow? Stay Calm & Dial! Your Nearby Emergency Plumber is on Standby!

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Emergency Gas Leak

If you smell gas in your home or nearby, it’s crucial to contact a Gas Safe Registered specialist immediately.

Immediately call the British Gas Emergency Number at 0800 111 999.    Open all doors and windows and move away from the source of the gas smell until the Emergency Gas Team arrives.

If your situation isn’t urgent and no immediate threat is posed, yet you’d like a thorough safety check of your appliances, boiler, flue, gas fire, or chimney, feel free to reach out to MK Plumbing & Heating in Dorset anytime, whether day or night.

Our Gas Safe Registered Engineers will conduct a thorough assessment of your home or business, ensuring that all gas appliances are secure. Following this, we’ll provide you with a safety certificate to confirm that your appliances have undergone inspection.

In the UK, approximately one person dies from carbon monoxide poisoning each week. Since carbon monoxide is odourless, it is difficult to detect.

To enhance safety, consider installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home or commercial space. This detector will alert you to any potential threats by sounding an alarm, much like a conventional smoke detector.

If you need advice on gas safety, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help address any concerns or queries you might have. Additionally, you can schedule a safety inspection with us to examine all your gas appliances and systems. This will ensure that your gas equipment is in good working order and that your home or workplace is safe.

Stay Safe from Gas Threats!

Ensure your home or workplace is protected from potential gas hazards. Don’t wait for a threat to appear. Act now for peace of mind.

Schedule a Safety Inspection

Our Gas Safe Registered Engineers are available to ensure the safety and security of your gas appliances. Book an inspection today and receive a safety certificate upon completion.

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